From prenatal to picky eaters... Helping women and families achieve great health.

I help women along their health journeys from conception to picky eaters 101. It's never too late to seek help in achieving your health goals. Whether it be for yourself, your baby or your children, you will find resources, workshops and consulting options available here. 


Pregnancy looks different for every woman. Each pregnancy can be completely different from the last. Nausea, fatigue and cravings are just a few of the issues many mothers face. Low iron, diabetes, and water retention are common and manageable conditions. I help mothers navigate the overwhelming amount of pregnancy focused information out there.


Not sure how to safely lose the baby weight without compromising milk supply? Not getting enough sleep? Reaching your personal health goals while looking after a child requires a little more juggling. I work with women to focus on what is most effective and nourishing to achieve personal goals.


Puree or chunks? How will they get all of their nutrients? Food sensitivities? Picky eaters? Feeding kids can be a challenge! It doesn't have to be though, I promise! 

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