Let’s Work Together

Different methods work for different people. I have crafted several different options that have proven to work best for my clients. 

Not sure which options is right for you? Don't worry! Contact me, we'll sort it out!​

  • KIDS 

Meeting together one on one allows us to focus on answering all nutrition related questions you have and then some. Don't be fooled though, this isn't your standard consult package. I won't ask you for diet diaries and scale numbers. You won't be left alone in between sessions. Sometimes the hardest part about accepting help while pregnant or with your child is that you want to know you can contact the person if you have a quick question and they aren't available. I never leave you hanging. Personalized recommendation go beyond what to eat and when. Email contact is always available. Goal setting and achievement take priority here. Resources and communication galore! 

60 day packages begin at $​249

Looking for a customized meal plan? Weekly meal plans are available as an additional offering to any client package. ​