"Shortly after giving birth to my daughter, I was having breast milk supply issues due to severe anemia. Ariella advised me on several ways to increase my iron and quickly. Her advice was great, and with her help I was able to get my iron levels up and noticed an increase in my milk supply."


​"I cannot recommend Ariella enough! From conception to raising a toddler and beyond, she has been phenomenal in helping me with really great tips and advice. I'm the kind of person who over-googles everything and then panics over the inevitably negative results of my search. It is easy to get freaked out, especially when you're pregnant, over things people tell you to avoid eating or drinking or putting on your body. Well I've handled everything well with Ariella's personal, thorough, and encouraging approach. I have learned so much from her. She is extremely knowledgeable, insightful and understanding, not to mention inspiring. Whether you're pregnant, planning, or raising kids, you're going to feel more resourceful and at peace with Ariella on your side. 


"Eating the right foods during my pregnancy has been very important to me. I've found the online resources for this information to be overwhelming, confusing and often incorrect. Thankfully I’ve been able to turn to Ariella's expertise and knowledge in the area of prenatal nutrition to guide smart and healthy choices. Ariella provides recommendations that are easy to follow and accessible." 


"I started working with Ariella originially for help with my hypothyroidisim but after beginning our assessment found out I was pregnant. Ariella was a true gift during my pregnancy journey in helping me carry and brith a healthy baby. It was a well-rounded approach that made the process so much easier for me. I would definitely recommend Ariella for women's pre and post-natal needs.