A completely different approach to getting your children to eat abundantly. No more tantrums or meal time meltdowns. Watch your child transform from the picky eater they are today to a wholesome eater willing to try almost anything! Easy and specific tools are given to change the way you and your children view food..

What people are saying:

"Ariella has provided both excellent and thoughtful suggestions and advice when consulted on the nutrition of our picky-eater toddler, such as how to prepare efficient and healthy morning foods for our on-the-go family. She has also proven to be a wonderful resource with our daughter's constipation and immune system challenges. Ariella offers practical and easy-to-implement suggestions, while completely respecting any personal parenting preferences." - Ainslie C


Purees? Small pieces? Big chunks? Dairy? Meat? Rice Cereal?

This workshop is designed to help you decide what to feed your babe and when. The focus of this course is to empower you as a parent to be confident in the choices you make for first foods. Learn about more than just a feeding schedule, we will talk about the nutrients needed to fuel healthy brain development. We touch upon choking, methods of feeding (spoon? hand?) and the importance of developing a healthy gut from the start. Understand the signs of food sensitivities and how to reintroduce foods later. 

​What people are saying:

"Ariella's workshop allowed me to feel confident in the choices we made when first introducing foods to our son. There are so many different approaches to first foods and I found it very overwhelming. Ariella helped us find the approach that worked best for us and our lifestyle. I learned so much about what babies need to thrive. I highly recommend taking this course!"​ Sarah H.

5 FLAVORS - Redefining how we think about food

​Forget about the food pyramid and "healthy plate" charts. If you want to maintain a healthy weight and have kids that are willing to try anything, come and learn about building your pallette. North American diets are mainly limited to 2 flavors, salty and sweet. This workshop will leave you with a better understanding of all 5 flavours and the important role each plays in ensuring a healthy brain and body.

What people are saying:

"Any time I've had a question or even voiced an idle curiosity about food, meal planning, supplements, or anything else nutritionally relevant, Ariella has something interesting and informative to say. She has shared many delicious recipes and tips (several now part of our regular rotation), and she's a great resource not only for her knowledge of products (and where to find them) but also practical strategies. Talking to her always leaves me feeling like eating clean and healthy doesn't have to be a challenge. I don't want to feed my kids highly processed, "convenience" food products and it means a lot to me to be part of a community of like-minded parents also making and feeding their families real, nutritious food." Jenna N.​